Roberto Tardito was born in Ivrea (Italy) in 1984.

In 2007 was released "CONTROVENTO", his first album with musicians as Angelo Adamo, Giorgio Cordini, Alberto Guareschi, Antonio Marangolo, Agostino Marangolo, Pier Michelatti and Vincenzo Zitello.


Roberto Tardito was the first italian artist on WE7, an international musical project promoted by Peter Gabriel.

Through the virtual platform Second Life he played in Europe, USA and Australia, counting a total of 116 dates and more than 45,000 spectators.

In 2010 was released "SE FOSSI DYLAN" an album made in collaboration with musicians from around the world, including Nicholas Burns, Heiko Plank, Peyo Peev and Milen Slavov. This album was recorded in Italy, USA, Germany, Bulgaria and France, and was mastered in London by Chris Stilmant. Tardito published also the English version, "IF I WERE DYLAN". The tour touched 35 of the major Italian cities.

The year 2011 saw the release of "PORTO ARGO", an album of unreleased tracks, one of which is composed by Vincenzo Zitello. Its european tour touched Italy, Germany, Belgium and Slovenia.

In 2012 he published "PUNTO DI FUGA" an album made in collaboration with European and American musicians, including Riccardo Galardini, Steve Cooper, Peter Sitka, Nathan Steers, Carlos Meza and Milen Slavov.

In 2014 Tardito published "ERA UNA GIOIA APPICCARE IL FUOCO", an album of unreleased tracks, made in collaboration with Fabrizio Barale, Claudio Fossati, Riccardo Galardini, Max Gelsi and Guido Guglielminetti.

In 2017 the acoustic album "AQUARIUM" was released, The tour touched Italy, France, Germany and United Kingdom, until 2019.

The last album "TUTTO CIÒ CHE NON VUOI SAPERE" was released by MTR in 2021.